Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bunk Beds

Presenting: bunk beds which have been put together by Tara and Cees, all by themselves. I am in awe of how capable they are.

I just took a quick picture to show y'all the bunk beds. Today I ordered a book case at Staples, which will arrive in a few days. That will be their next construction project.


Wendy said...

Great job!!

But I have to just comment that you've been in the states a long time when you've integrated "ya'll" into your vocabulary! :)

flyingfisher said...

Those are mighty fine bunkbeds. Real wood, rich color, and the bookcase headboard section is wonderful!

They did a great job!

Now how are you taking these photos? ;-)

Epijunky said...

Holy cow... They did a fantastic job. Could I borrow them for a bit? I have an entertainment center that needs to be put together :)