Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Walking Around in Our Yard

Sharing some pictures of our yard. Those flowers grow close to our front door. I used to not know when they were called till I finally got out my flower book and looked it up. To my utter surprise they were call Echinacea, which I had heard about, just never realized how breath taking the flowers can be.

The next flowers I wanted to photograph, I discovered a busy bee. It was collecting nectar and staying long enough for me to make a bunch of pictures. Very considerate. I don't know the name of those flowers, so if you know it, please leave me the name in the comments.

Another picture of those flowers, with the bee barely visible.

Maple leaves, turning colour.

A few years ago, I planted cranberry bushes. They finally started producing cranberries this year!

The squirrels are always happy to plant sunflower seeds in our garden, and harvest many more of them in the fall.

More flowers.

And our fall rain storms have produced an explosion of mushrooms. Here is just one of the many.


Kathy said...

Oh that red maple. It is the one tree we wanted planted here to remind us of home(we're canadian). We have two on our front lawn and surprisinly they are doing better than many of the more southern varieties around.

I love maples.

aka_Meritt said...

Ok - I saw the photo and said to myself... oh, that's just a purple coneflower. (And it is). Only I didn't know it was also officially called echinacea - and that I could have been using it in homeoapathy at our last house where we had a kazillion of the darn things! I hated them - I actually pulled them all out by the roots two years in a row and covered the area in black landscaping cloth to try to get rid of them! LOL.

Rebecca said...

Your bee flowers are some sort of aster; I'm thinking they're New York Asters. Lovely pics -- thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

P.S. A lot of songbirds -- especially finches -- love coneflowers/echinacea , so it's a nice flower to have around from that standpoint.