Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yesterday, we went out to make as many pictures as possible with my new camera geocaching. As usual, driving through Vermont was fun, I just love the mountains.

We found less caches than we had hoped for, but had a wonderful time out hiking. Kate found the first cache.

We looked for a few other caches, but they kept eluding us.

But frankly, it was so nice to be out, that the caches were not very important. Oh, did I mention that we ended up hiking back in the dark yet again? The days are clearly not long enough anymore, very annoying!

Sylvia kept 'tripping' and spending lots of time singing while laying down, which didn't quite help our walking speed ^^.

We found one more cache before having a high quality gas station dinner. We are cultured like that.

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veganbaby said...

Nice! Glad that you guys had fun! We haven't been caching in a couple of weeks. I'm not brave enough to accomplish going with M, B and the dog alone yet. Its hard enough to get a typical day.

PS. Still trying to figure out your puzzle. M gave me a hint, but I am not good at numbering systems.