Tuesday, June 01, 1999

Kate's placenta

In November we bought this house, and we have a huge yard, but the gardening season was over by then (we are in New Hampshire) I did buy and put in a few hundred bulbs, but that was it. I was planning on doing lots of gardening this year. This weekend, I bought two apple trees, a cherry tree and a blueberry bush. Dh put them in and under one of the apples, we buried Kate's placenta! It feels like the closure of my pregnancy. And the apple tree is kind of Kate's tree now. He buried it really deep, because he was afraid a fox would dig it up :-)

We stored it in the freezer until we could bury it. When my inlaws stayed here for a few weeks in April, we pointed it out to them in the freezer and warned them not to eat it. They kind of freaked out.

This is the first time we had the opportunity to do this and it feels good. I will definitely do it for any further kids we have too. Now we just have to hope the apple tree won't die, that would kind of feel like a bad omen :-)

I did put in lots of other flowers, bulbs, herbs and veggies too, I love this big yard. Don't know how successful I will be yet, but it is fun to work in it. Although it sometimes is challenging to do it with 'help' of the kids.

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