Monday, August 30, 2004


It has been way too hot here, the last few days. The humidity has been super high, and it's just like living in a sauna. Of course, Sylvia chose yesterday as the day to finally take a nap off mama, so I felt compelled to do something useful with my time and my two hands. Some temporary insanity made me first blanch and freeze lots of yellow squash, followed by lots of digging for potatoes and weed whacking. What was I thinking???? The sweat kept dripping into my eyes, and I just was so darned HOT! But I did harvest a grand total of seven potatoes. Yes, that's not a typo, not seven pounds, or seven gallons, not just seven potatoes.... I was not impressed! That was 2/3 of a bed full of potato plants, how can they only have grown seven? Maybe it's not a good potato year? Or this was just a sucky bed, since it was the same bed that all my zucchini plants got killed in. How the heck can I have seven potatoes and NO zucchinis from a bed that was full of them?

This morning, we walked, hoping the heat wouldn't be too bad yet. We were wrong. It was too hot still! And my GPS batteries died, so I couldn't even keep track exactly how much we walked. I could see that we had descended about 120 feet already though, just by walking to the corner of the street. No wonder the walk back up sometimes feels challenging :-)

Kate gave Erik a hair cut.... This is the last in a long list of Haircutting Incidents in our household. It hadn't happened for quite a while, guess we were due for one of those... Will post pictures soon.

Today I got my groceries done, a trip to the grocery store was long overdue. Between my CSA box, garden, and farmer's market, I don't need to the supermarket as much as usual in the summer. If I need things like milk, dh just picks them up on his way home from his work. But now I really needed a full grocery trip, ended up spending $300. Amazing how it all ends up so fast! Of course, it will feed us for a while, but still...

Sue wanted to know what kind of material Jane's skirt was made of. I have to admit that I am not sure, it was something that was still in my fabric stash. It's a bit like t-shirt material, but it feels synthetic, not cotton. It's just two rectangles, close the side seams. Make tunnel at the top, put in elastic (so, yes, good guess @ the elastic waist). Then make seam at the bottom, and that was it. Simple, easy, but effective.

She hasn't been sewing since then, because of Storyland, and then she tested for her blue belt for karate, and got a new Nintendo game out of that. Now she has been focusing on that instead of on sewing. I am sure she'll be back to sewing soon though.

Tara turned vegetarian a few weeks ago, she thinks it's really mean to eat animals. She talked and talked to Jane, until she agreed to be a vegetarian too. That is, until there were chicken nuggets to eat today. Jane decided to eat one, claiming that it was only one.

Tonight, in bed, Tara was seriously talking to Jane about that.
'You ate a chicken, that was really mean. OK, not a whole chicken, but a part of it!'
Jane replied 'It was only one time!'
Tara said 'But it still was a chicken!'
Jane exasperatedly 'I just wanted to eat one piece of chicken, one time, now I'll go back to being a vegetarian!'

I guess Jane was a vegetarian by peer pressure, not by conviction :-) And she seems to be fine with being a vegetarian, as long as it isn't meal time.

Kate and little sister

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