Sunday, August 08, 2004

Learning To Read

I am really enjoying Kate's learning to read process. She is still working her way through Calvin and Hobbes, she isn't really interested in any of our easy readers. So we get painstakingly sounded out phrases like "Calvin, you rotten little kid...... Oh no...... Santa calls me rotten! ..... I am DOOMED!!!!!' And lots of complaints about tricky letters. 'Why do the same letters often sound differently?????' And grumbling about the silent k at the beginning of words. 'That can't be know, there is a k at the start!!!'

I just love watching her learning unfold, watching her figure out more and more words every day. But words like 'duplicator' and 'transmogrifier' are still a bit beyond her current reading skills :-) Today, in the car, she was working on words starting with b. The other kids joined in too, and at some point I even heard Erik saying b-words. Words, which the others hadn't shouted out yet, so I knew he had figured it out on his own. It will be interesting to see when he gets more interested in reading and phonics.

Today was farmer's market day, got my yummy organic corn on the cob. We had it for dinner, it was really really good. I love this time of the year, when fresh veggies are in abundance. My tomatoes have started producing, but a lot of my zucchini plants have died! No idea what happened to them, I might not have the normal over abundance of zucchini, but I am sure I will have way too many tomatoes :-)

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