Wednesday, August 11, 2004

chickadee in the house


Exciting start of the day today. I came downstairs, put on some water for tea, and sat down to nurse Sylvia. Dh sat down next to me, but suddenly jumps up, cursing, and runs into the kitchen. While he is doing that, I notice the lights dimming and then going back to normal again. The next thing I notice, are flames in the kitchen! Not big, but scary nonetheless. It was at the cord of the electric kettle, close to where it enters the kettle. Dh unplugged the kettle, and the fire stopped burning within maybe ten seconds or so. Phew! Lots of soot, lots of stinkiness, melted cord, burned spot on the counter, but nothing serious.

So now we are without electric kettle, not sure whether I want a new one or not. I have been using a sauce pan to heat water for tea, since I threw out my normal kettle ages ago, in one of my decluttering manias, since we had gotten the electric kettle. I also checked whether the fire extinguisher was still in working order, the little indicator said full, and there is no date or whatever on it, so I assume it is. Well, at least I was really awake now!

Had a LLL meeting today, so baked cinnamon raisin bread, and managed to mess it up! Forgot the salt, added that at the end. And the dough was not behaving well, I think it was too slack, and the bread got flatter than I really wanted. It still tasted good though, it just annoyed me that the look wasn't up to my high standards! We had a very nice meeting! Lots of supercute babies, and a bunch of adorable toddlers. Good discussions, I think every one got something out of this meeting.

This afternoon, we had a bird in the house! A little chickadee, it couldn't figure out how to fly out of one of the doors, it kept flying towards the ceiling instead. We did get it out eventually, by coaxing it on a window screen (which I had taken out so it could escape via the window too), and carrying it over close to the door where it finally managed to go outside. I felt so sorry for the poor little bird, glad we were able to help it.

I ordered a GPS a few days ago. I have to admit that I had been wanting an excuse to get one, and a friend finally gave me the last nudge towards it by mentioning geocaching to me. Again and again. Till I just had to give in and ordered the darned GPS :-) The kids are really looking forward to finding our first cache. There are two within a few miles of our house. I am hoping the GPS will arrive tomorrow and we can try it out.

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