Thursday, August 05, 2004

My New Business

Very excited to announce that I did sign up with Unique Family Boutique to become a consultant, and did open an on line store. I am still trying to figure out a good name though, for now I am using But I really would like an URL to redirect to that addy, something that's easy to remember. I was thinking maybe, but somebody else took that already, so maybe or .biz. I also considered with a story about why the name, but was wondering whether people would think it would only be baby things. I have to think more about this, but for now, at least I do have a store.

Picked tons of strawberries today. OK, maybe not tons, but a good bunch. I planted those 'everbearers' this year, which bear the whole summer and it's amazing how well they have done. It's nice to still be picking our own, organic strawberries, when strawberry season usually would usually be long over! We also picked some blueberries, but I think that the birds ate a lot of them too, there seemed to be a lot less than a few days ago...

Kate is starting to read! She is the first one doing this without any 'formal' training. We have told her about the sounds letters make and such, but we never did a learning to read program or whatever with her. But suddenly things are starting to click. Tonight, she was looking at a Calvin and Hobbes book, and asked me things like 'Does this say "I see you"?' and 'Is this "Poof"?' and a lot more of those. She wasn't always right, but a good chunk of the time she did figure it out. She still has problems with words like 'transmogrifier' though... Funny how she uses Calvin and Hobbes as a learning to read book, instead one of the easy readers. And fascinating to see how things are falling into place for her, I don't think it will be long before she will be reading well.

Baby with sunhat

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