Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Beach

Today, dh was home, so I had planned for tons of things that I wanted to get done while he could hold Sylvia. Started out cleaning the bunny cage, which was long overdue and very much needed. Other plans for the day were grocery shopping and changing the sheets on our bed. All those plans went out of the window when a friend called to invite us to come with them to the beach. I thought about all the boring things I should be doing. I thought about all the fun we would be having at the beach. The beach won!

I did get the bunny cage cleaned and some other stuff done, but nothing close to my plans. But who cares, since we had a wonderful day at the beach! Only a few more months and we'll be in the middle of snow storm after snow storm.

The kids swam, built with sand, played on the playground, ran around, and had a wonderful time. I sat and relaxed with my friends, of course while counting heads continuously. It was such a nice day, sunny, but not too hot. We saw a hot air balloon at the other side of the lake, I was sorry that I didn't bring my camera. So glad we decided on the beach instead of the stupid household chores :-)

Another item I was sorry about not bringing was my GPS. Because we got pretty lost on the way home, still not sure how I managed to do that. Eventually we did find our way back home, but it took quite a while. Sylvia was not impressed with the car ride back home.

I had a weight check for Cees on Friday, he weighed in at 59lbs at almost 13yo. A bit low, he never has been on the charts, but he seems to drop farther and farther, so we decided to do some checking into things. He had blood drawn for thyroid, anemia, and celiac, maybe one more. And if all this comes back normal, we might check his growth hormones. I don't really expect that we will find anything, but I think it's good to have it checked out.

Kate swimming

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