Friday, August 06, 2004

Too Tired To Write Much

But wanted to let you know that my friend Catherine went into surgery today at 5pm EST. I am hoping her dh will call me tonight with an update, otherwise it will be tomorrow before I know more. Please keep her in your thoughts.

My other friend is in a lot of pain, please keep her in your thoughts too. She will have surgery next week.

And I am just tired, tired, tired, but somehow not as depressed anymore. Sylvia had her 2mo checkup today, she weighed 12 lbs 7 oz, 90th percentile wow! With one kid totally off the charts (at the bottom) and the rest low on the charts, it amazes me to see them plot her on the 90th percentile line. I am sure she will start dropping soon though, the 90th percentile just isn't where my kids seem to belong :-) She was 24.5 inches tall, which is off the charts at the top, but I don't really trust those length measurements much at this age.

The gp asked about ppd, and I told that I had a touch, but not too bad. And I didn't even burst into tears, saved that for the trip back home...

Yet another frog :-)

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