Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Tara suddenly is really into sewing things. She spent a few days repairing anything in the house that had holes in it, then progressed to sewing stacks of barbie clothes. This kept her happy for a few days, and then she started eyeballing my sewing machine.

It didn't take long before she started asking me to explain how this worked and whether she could use it and wouldn't it be neat if she could make clothes for every one?

We decided to start with a pillow case, since that's about the easiest you can get. She was amazed how much easier the sewing machine was compared to hand sewing. The next day, she decided to make a skirt for Jane. It came out pretty well too, I have pics, but not uploaded yet, will do that soon. Tara was proud of her work, Jane was happy with the result.

It is really neat to see how she is developing this skill, she even threaded the machine by herself! And it makes me want to sew again, maybe some day I will :-)

Cute thumbsucker

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