Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Yesterday, I really felt like baking, I got up with lots of plans. Sander was home to hold Sylvia. I wanted to make something special for breakfast, so looked in one of the cookbooks my friend Rachel gave me a few months ago. I decided on oat cakes, first problem was that I couldn't find my oat groats... How the heck can you lose 50 lbs of oat groats???? Shows you how organized I am LOL. Just used the steel cut oats instead and ground them into oat flour. It took me about an hour to bake the oat cakes, and they had only a few ingredients. That should have warned me not to attempt any more baking

The oat cakes did come out nicely, we ate them with some jam, good start of the day. My next project were blueberry muffins, since I had gotten blueberries at the farmer's market. I started them at 11:30am, so we could eat them with lunch at noon. Well, life interfered, as usual, and I didn't get them ready till 2pm or so. Do you think I set some kind of new record for the slowest blueberry muffins? They were good though, I tried out a new recipe, from the King Arthur catalog. I doubled the recipe, to make 24, but I ended up with 36 of them instead. Means that they lasted about 24 hours instead of only half a day ;-)

I gave up on baking for the day. But hey, at least I got two different things baked, which weren't bread. Have been mostly baking our daily bread lately, not much else.

Two Friends
Madeleine and Sylvia hanging out together

My friend Catherineis back from the hospital. She is on her road to recovery now. My other friend still is waiting for her surgery, I have been over at her house a lot, hence the picture of the two little ones in the sling.

And I feel very tired, very overwhelmed, but somehow not depressed anymore. I know it sounds contradictory, but that really is how I feel. I hope the depression will stay away, and maybe some day, I even will feel less tired, and the house will be in perfect state! (OK, the house might be asking a bit too much, but it would be nice not to be so tired anymore :-)

I did get rid of yet another garbage bag full of stuff today, why don't I see a difference yet???? At least I will never see all that stuff again!

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