Monday, August 16, 2004

Got My GPS!!!

Yesterday, a neighbor came over, handing me the package with my new and shining GPS inside! Of course, this is after Amazon promised to send a new one, so I'll have to get that one returned somehow. Have been playing with it since it arrived, it is fun! It doesn't do the dishes yet, but most anything else it seems to be able to do. It even tells us when the sun sets, like we couldn't see that for ourselves.

We took it out on a few walks already, I now know that the smallest block in our neighborhood is 669.3m (0.42 miles). It also gives the elevations, but I haven't figured out the difference between lowest and highest on our block yet, apart from knowing that our steep driveway always adds quite some elevation to any walk :-)

I walked the somewhat bigger block (1.9km / 1.2 miles) today with a bunch of kids, never even got to hold the GPS till the end, they were too fascinated with it :-) They kept trying to make the maximum trip speed go up, by running as fast as they could while holding the GPS.

Now we are ready to start geocaching! Printed out the directions for the first two caches in our town, hope to be able to find them sometime this week. The kids are really looking forward to this adventure. I do hope that we will be able to find the caches! I know some people really mess up on their first try, don't want to be one of them :-)

Tim had his 11th birthday, he was very excited, and we found just the perfect presents for him. A cd player, some d&d miniatures, and a few other things that he really liked. He will have his party on Wednesday, haven't prepared ANYTHING for it yet, blech. Even although I am feeling better, birthday parties still seem stressful. It doesn't help that tomorrow is really full, have to go to a memorial service (16yo neighborhood girl got killed in a car crash :-( and some other stuff going on too. Hard to try to bake a cake in between all that. And do all the birthday party shopping. Somehow it has to happen though.

Figured out what we did wrong with our tie dyeing. We used the sucky RIT dye, instead of the real stuff. So I spent way too much money at Dharma, but next time it should come out a lot better! I hope :-)

Sylvia is growing so fast!!! Almost all her newborn diapers and wraps are too small now, sniff. On the one hand I love seeing her being able to do more, seeing her grow and develop. On the other hand, I mourn the loss of the newborn she used to be.

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