Wednesday, September 01, 2004

BEFORE haircut

Hair Cutting

Well, we hadn't had one for quite a long time, so I guess we really were due for one. We used to have them 'all the time', it's amazing my kids had any hair left. I secretly suspect that I am breeding a new generation of hairdressers. But they seemed to have found other ways to entertain themselves, so I was starting to think that maybe it wouldn't happen again. I was wrong.

I asked Kate why the heck she had cut his hair.
'Erik ASKED me to!'
I wondered 'Have you ever heard of the word "NO!"'?
'No!', came her reply.
Oh well, it will grow again, I just will need to cut it so that it actually is straight, but at least it's done on a boy this time. Still remember when Tara managed to cut her own hair so much, that she ended up with a crew cut, so she looked like a boy for quite a while.

We went geocaching again yesterday, and found the cache that was unfindable last time. It helped that we put in the right coordinates this time... We had a friend with us, who was actually the one who found the cache, without even looking at the GPS. It brought us close, but we couldn't find the right old log that the cache was supposed to be hidden under. We could find 42 other old logs though, amazing how many old logs there can be in the woods ;-)

Last time, I noticed on the pictures, that Cees was wearing his 'Baptist church' shirt from when he went to Vacation Bible School a few years ago. A friend pointed out that now people would wonder why the baptists left a naked barbie... This time we didn't have that shirt, and didn't post pictures, but Jane left miss Clavell's clothes, so now we'll be known as the people who left the nun's clothes. Hmmmm, maybe it can be a new trend, 'took key chain, left my bra' ;-) Maybe not :-)

Tim found another deck of card in the cache, he has decided to start a deck of cards collection. Cees had a parachute ninja this time, which went well with the Japanese coin he found last time. He will try to start a Japanese collection. The others didn't have a common theme with their last find. But they all were happy with their new 'treasure' :-)

AFTER haircut

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