Friday, September 03, 2004

twoheaded girl

Montshire Museum

We spent a day at the Montshire Museum in Vermont. It is our local science museum, and full of great exhibits for the kids. We were supposed to go for only a few hours, but ended up staying the whole day. Luckily, I brought enough food. This was the first time we went since Sylvia was born, she enjoyed sitting in the sling and looking at all the action around her.

tim, kate, erik

I managed to keep them inside till lunch, but after that, they went outside and played in the amazing water park, never to come back inside again. I had been smart enough to ask them to bring bathing suits, although Tim said he wasn't going to get wet. So he ended up going home in wet clothes, oh well. At least I had brought an extra towel, just in case :-)

raptor We were outside when a raptor was flying over. No idea what raptor it was, but I was able to snap a picture, hoping to be able to identify it at home. I am not good at identifying raptors in flight. Still haven't gotten around to getting out my bird books, so bonus points for any one who correctly indentifies this raptor!

Today was a quiet day at home and at a friend's house. She has a toddler and a baby a bit older than sylvia, so it's always fun hanging out together. She got me some Happy Mama Spray, an aroma therapy spray for new mamas, to help with the baby blues. It smells fruity, with a touch of ginger. I like the smell, but I like even more that I have some one who got this for me, as a special gift :-)

I had had a few days that I never got around to cooking dinner, but my CSA box still had arrived. So today I was totally committed to making a dinner somehow. I ended up making carrot soup, with the thelp of the crock pot. I felt so oganized, when my soup was cooking in the crock pot, and I could do other things, knowing that dinner was ready already!


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