Monday, September 20, 2004

Ten Caches!

Found our tenth cache today! Out of the single digits, into the double ones. Woohoo!

It was a nice hike, uphill as usual to a pond somewhere at the top of a mountain. We met a snake and a toad, and Kate asked every one we met 'Are you a geocacher too???', only to be met with blank stares till I explained it to them :-) Maybe I should make up little business cards with the geocaching web link on them. I'll put it on my to-do list.

Nobody found our cache yet, or if they did, they didn't log it. Curious to see how long it will be before the First To Find will be there.

After the cache, we went to our homeschool's annual 'Not Back to School!' picnic. The kids had a blast, apart from Erik, who kept wanting to go home for some reason. He would come up to me and state in a firm voice 'We are going to leave in FIVE minutes!' Hmmmm, do you think I shouldn't give them 5-minute warnings before we leave somewhere? LOL He finally found the closet with board games and puzzles, and from then on was happy to play with those, and almost did not want to go home at all anymore.

I even managed to bake cinnamon raisin bread for the picnic, although I cheated and did an overnight sponge rise, as opposed to a normal, slow double rise which I usually do. Nobody complained though :-) Off to bed now, I'll try to upload some hiking pictures tomorrow, too tired now.

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