Wednesday, September 15, 2004


My friend found the cache, phew, we must have done something right. She found a slug too, inside the box, maybe the cheap rubbermaid containers from KMart were not that high quality after all...

Can I admit that I went on line and ordered a bunch of ammo boxes? I feel so weird to have done that, who would think that an anti gun person like I am would ever order ammo boxes? Not only that, but I know that this will result in getting regular deliveries of survivalist catalogs. Just what I needed :-|

This morning, we did a walk for World Breastfeeding Week with our local LLL. We didn't walk much, but had a wonderful time, hanging out and getting the word out about breastfeeding. We had a banner, which hopefully was read by lots of people. Now if we had been organized enough to get more than one sponsor, things would have been perfect :-)

This morning, I harvested some potatoes, which we ate for dinner. I just love eating fresh veggies from our own garden.

Cees and Tim

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