Wednesday, September 22, 2004

on her belly

Ammo Boxes, Apples, and Potatoes!

Yes, I know that's a weird combination, but it describes pretty much what we did today :-)

This morning, the ammo boxes got delivered. Two big cardboard boxes, filled with eleven metal ammo boxes, in a few different sizes. Now we can get serious about hiding more caches! The kids were excited and had to open every single one of them. We decided to let them air out, so our deck was filled with all those ammo boxes, I am wondering what the neighbors were thinking :-) They might be very polite to us now LOL. The ammo boxes came with an interesting catalog... I don't think I'll buy any of their bumper stickers.

Today was the first day of fall, and we celebrated it by going apple picking. One of our yearly fall rituals, we have an apple orchard close by. We even could hike there from our house (about an hour when I hike by myself), but I took the easy way out and loaded every one in the car. We picked a few pecks of apples, those apple trees produce a tad better than our own. I started planting apple trees when we bought this house, and the total harvest has been exactly ONE apple over the last five years! Maybe next year will be better?

We also celebrated the first day of fall with a cake, my kids had convinced me that that was the proper way to celebrate :-) OK, any excuse for a party, right?

I spent some time digging up more potatoes. I just love the way potatoes grow, it's like digging for treasure. You never know how many there will be till you start digging. This bed had quite a few, and we had a bunch of baked potatoes for dinner. I also harvested some tomatoes, and froze them, they were the yellow peach ones. I love tomatoes that aren't boring red :-). And the most amazing thing, I mowed the lawn!!!! OK, maybe not the whole lawn. Not even half of it. But the part that's the most visible from the street, which was in very bad need of mowing. It looks so much better now.

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