Tuesday, September 21, 2004

mama and baby

Night Time Caching

Yes, we did it again :-) We started out later than expected, because my friend's furnace was being fixed, and that took longer than expected. And somehow, we ended up in the dark yet again. I keep thinking that we don't need flash lights, and don't even tell the kids to bring them. The kids are smarter than I am, and bring them anyway :-)

We did a test run for my friend's new cache. Maybe it wasn't the right time of the day to do it, my kids fought even more than normal. It's amazing how many complaints they can have about each other. And I think we need six more GPSs, so they don't have to fight about who gets to hold it :-)

I was looking at the Letterboxing web site, and discovered that there also were two letterboxes hidden in that park. Figured we could do them when we were out there anyway. It's kind of like geocaching, but without the goodies, just a stamp and a log book. You are supposed to stamp your own personal stamp in the logbook. Today, we just used Tara's, which she had gotten in a cache as a trading item.

Cees told me that he never, ever, ever, wants to do a letterbox again! Because there wasn't anything in it. He is in it for the loot I guess LOL. I think it also didn't help that Tim found both letterboxes. But at least Cees found the cache we were looking for, so that improved his mood a bit.

Sylvia always enjoys the hikes, it's nice that she is too young to fight with her siblings :-) Still, I am looking forward to next year, when she will be hiking on her own. Hard to imagine! But I know it will happen way too fast!

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