Saturday, September 18, 2004

We Are Official!

I was bummed, because we couldn't geocache because it was raining, raining, and raining. I know we could have done it in the rain, but somehow, that just didn't appeal to me. But this afternoon, the rain finally let up. It was kind of too late to hit a new cache, but the timing was perfect for finishing up our own cache. I had the 'Congratulations, you found it!' sheet laminated at Staples, and I had a flash light I wanted to add to the cache. So, off we went, just Tara, Sylvia, to get our cache ready for listing.

Nice hike, wet trails, but not too muddy. The brook had grown a lot though. Nothing was left of the nice, friendly brook that my kids had been playing in. It was a raging body of water now, very impressive! We added the stuff to the cache, made some more pictures and went to the health food store for a celebratory chocolate cookie and lemonade :-)

At home we listed it, and got the cache approved, so here it is, our very first official cache!

Tara's travel bug BunBun is waiting for the First Finder, curious to see how long it will take for some one to log it. This is fun, now we have to decide where to hide our next one! I ordered a bunch of ammo boxes, because I knew we were going to want to hide more geocaches :-)

And another official event, I got my new business its very own web site ! I am particularly proud of the page, 'Top Ten Reasons to Wear Your Baby'. I have lots of other pages planned, hoping to add them over the next few weeks.

Sylvia still does the roll over on belly thing, and then is stuck, because she can't roll back yet. I hope she figures it out soon :-)

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