Sunday, September 05, 2004

THREE Months!!!

Yesterday, Sylvia turned three months old, a quarter year already. How did that happen???? She celebrated by going geocaching :-) We found two caches at once (link has pictures), and they were hidden really neat, in the fork of a pine tree, what a perfect hiding spot! The cache contained another kind of cache, a traveling globe, which is both a kind of travel bug and a cache. Effectively this is a moving cache, so this increased our cache finds to five instead of four!

The kids have decided that we will have to find eight caches before we can hide our own. Of course, we are getting stuff together already to hide our own, want to do it soon after finding our eight caches. Not sure yet where we are going to hide ours, will have to think more on that.

We found our very first travel bug Ted E. Bear'.Travel bugs are items that you can ask people to take from cache to cache, often with a specific traveling goal, or just to go anywhere, like Ted. Tara made sure to buckle him in in the car, so his owner would know that he traveled safely (yes, we took a pic :-) At home, she showed him our pond, and prepared a nice bed for him, so he would be comfortable while he slept here. We ordered a bunch of travel bug tags, so that we can make our own travel bugs soon. Cees is going to have one to get to Hawaii, since he really wants to go there, and his mean mom still hasn't let him :-) Now at least his travel bug can make it there :-)

Going geocaching

Sylvia really enjoys the hikes in the woods, we named her well. She hangs out in the sling and just observes everything around her. Once in a while she nurses, but not even that often anymore, she sure is growing up, waaaah! She keeps outgrowing diapers and clothes too. And we had to replace her car seat (the Britax Handle with Care infant seat) with the Britax Roundabout! It's amazing how fast she grows!

She is almost rolling over, but not quite yet. Lots of drooling, but no teeth. Lots of smiling and laughing, and she is very talkative. Very social baby.

Yesterday, after the geocaching, we went to our local ice cream place to celebrate Sylvia's 3mo birthday. This was the last time this year, because tomorrow, they will close for the season! I don't want summer to be over yet!

Today, I went grocery shopping, and unlike Chris and Sue, I am not telling exactly what I bought! :-P And let's just say that it was less than $200... About 35 cents less... And that didn't even involve any chocolate! But there were lots of organic items, do I get bonus points for that? I thought not.

Ted and Sylvia

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