Tuesday, September 14, 2004

erik carrying cache

Hid Our First Cache!

We went to a local park today, to hide our first cache! How exciting! We looked all around the house for little trinkets to put in, I even registered two books at BookCrossing.Com. I hope to have one of my friends look for it tomorrow, and our homeschool group on Thursday. If that both works out, I'll post it on the geocaching web site. It was fun trying to come up with a good location. But it was harder than I thought to actually HIDE the box in the woods. It seemed so obvious! Hope we have hidden it well enough. Luckily those are big woods and a small box, so that should help :-)

The kids played in the creek again, they had a lot of fun. Erik found an empty small soda bottle, and kept throwing it in the water, looking at how the stream carried it away, through tiny water falls and such. Then picked it up at the end of the traject (where there were even more rocks, so soda bottle couldn't get through) and did the whole thing over again. Kept him entertained for ages.

I have two girls on a sleep over. We first had bitterly fighting about who could go, since there was only room for 2 out of 3 in their van. We ended up flipping a coin because there was no consensus to be reached.

Now the house is so quiet with only five kids ;-) I especially miss the fighting that Erik and Kate usually do :-)

Worn out
All that hiking really wears you out...

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