Friday, December 01, 2006

One of Those Days...

I never did anything uninterrupted for more than 3 seconds, which it totally driving me crazy. I need some grounding very badly, but I barely have time to sit down and just breathe.

Rain, rain, rain, very gloomy weather. It affects the kids, and it affects me. It is barely past 4pm and dark already, I am sooooooooooo not a fan of short days and long nights.

Jane's hibernation project has been delayed till after Sinterklaas, which is December 5th. I guess she didn't think it was worth it to hibernate for only a few days. After Sinterklaas she can hibernate for at least two weeks till it is Christmas.

News on the career front: after Cees's successful first days as McDonalds employee, Tara just told me that she is thinking of becoming a hair dresser. I KNEW I should have hid the scissors more carefully when she was a toddler ^^

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