Saturday, December 30, 2006


First real snow of this winter, very late in December. Not a big storm, but at least some more significant accumulation than the earlier ones.

First thing in the morning, two little ones, ready go out:

Cees was thrilled to find out he could help shovel before going off to his McDonalds job.

Kate and Sylvia had fun playing in the snow.

When Erik got up, he decided to first spend time on the heater vent before finally heading out too. There is something nice about the heater vent when it's a cold and dreary day.

Tara went sledding

But one time, the sled went faster than she did ^^

I loved the colors of the evergreen trees in the afternoon sunlight

Winter is here to stay!


Annelies said...

O, ik ben JALOERS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We haven't gotten any snow yet... which I'm not complaining about! I think God is letting it stay warm and rainy as a condolence prize to me for having to live in Iowa longer than we were told we had to. Hee hee.

But- on the other hand, I do admit that first (and second and third) snows are indeed, beautiful and wonderful. It's only snow in February and March that makes me want to pull my hair out and scream. LOL.

LOVE that you have a sledding hill! How cool is that!? My kids would be so jealous.

txmommy said...

looks like a beautiful snowfall!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!