Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go tournament

Yesterday, I spent the day driving 180 miles to play in a go tournament. Gotta love living in the middle of nowhere. I had a great day, and I got to drive Sander's new car (we went from a 1993 one to a 2005 one). Wow, weird to drive a car instead of a van, but the gas mileage sure was nice.

The tournament not only was a fun day of go, but it also was a wonderful way of getting together with old and new go friends. The go scene in New England isn't very big, so you tend to see the same people over and over, and will really get to know them. This tournament had twenty players, which is pretty average for one of our tournaments. I won one game, and lost two, but felt good about all of my games. Those are good games to review and improve myself.

Today is a quiet day to hang out at home and get go studying cleaning done. I might go outside and do some aikido first, the sun looks so good. I will ignore the fact that it is cold, I need some outside air.

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