Saturday, December 02, 2006

Quote of the Day

Tara made bunny ears behind Kate's head while she was eating, which caused a LOUD screaming 'MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tara is making bunny ears on me!!!!'
I was sitting on the couch, putting up my stupid leg, reading a go book and absentmindedly replied: 'Kate, Tara is your lesson in this life about not caring what other people do.'
Kate angrily replied 'OH YEAH????? What about YOU not caring what other people do??? What about if a robber came and took out everything in our house, would you care?'
I got a fast 'Not really' in, which she countered with 'Ha!!! He also took ALL your clothes, and now you will have to wear only a lion cloth! How would you like that?'

At that point, hubby replied from the other room 'Oh, I would love to see mama in just a lion cloth!' Kate made things even more severe by now telling me that the robber also took the lion clothes and I would have to wear GRASS now! 'Heck, the robber is taking all the grass!!!'

By that time, she had forgotten all about the bunny ears. I consider this a successful exchange :)

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