Saturday, December 23, 2006

Isn't It a Beauty????

Showing off my new stove. When we moved into our house, eight years ago, the old one was old already. It was still mostly working fine though, so no reason to replace it with something more modern. Over the years, more and more things stopped working. First the clock, then the timer. Later burner after burner bit the dust. But the final blow was the oven. I mean, I could live with two working burners. But not without an oven.

So I got myself (and seven kids) to Sears and got this beauty:

I love the flat top. So much easier to clean. One ofthe first things we made on it, were pancakes:

Here the kids are enjoying the pancakes and you can see freshly baked bread. It is soooooooooooo nice to be able to bake again. Supermarket bread just isn't the same.

It even has a working oven light AND a window that's not totally clogged up with grease yet. Amazing.


Annelies said...

Wow! Veel plezier emee!!!

(En die ovenruit.... geniet er nog even van... meer zal ik er niet over zeggen ;-)))

Alice the Brit said...

We have a similar one but in black :)

new appliances/IMG_3884.JPG

Alice the Brit

Anonymous said...


I know the feeling a new appliance can give you. But... then again I'm one of those frugal weirdos that would rather get a new set of pans or a vacuum for Christmas than something stupid like a night gown or a ring.


Anonymous said...

It is a beauty Karen. I love the flat top too. Enjoy your bread:-)

Anonymous said...

We have the same oven and I love it.

Jody said...

It is sparkling and gorgeous!


Lisa said...

It's my stove! I guess it must be a popular model. Happy baking

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!!! I am sure you are thrilled to be able to bake again.