Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sweet Little Package

Last week, I received a surprise gift in the mail from Adagio Teas. Beautiful blooming tea, the kind you put in your pot and it will unfold and blossom into a jasmine flower. I love watching it unfold. It is good tea too, I have really been enjoying using it and sharing them with friends.

Naturally, this must give you some idea of how much money I must have spent on tea over the last years ^^. I have been giving Adagio's Ingeniutea teapot to quite a lot of friends, it is such a fun and useful gadget.

One afternoon, a good friend was over, and we made the tea, staring at the unfolding process. We sat together on the couch and ate freshly baked bread, sipping the beautiful jasmine tea. Life is good!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful surprise.

txmommy said...

sounds so nice :)