Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Aikido

Last night, went to the dojo again to train. Before I went, I was talking on the phone to my mom.
Mom: 'How's your leg?'
Me: 'It's fine, I can walk.'
Mom: 'Are you sure?'
Me: 'Oh yeah, I have even started training again.'
Mom: 'WHAT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so bad! You should not do that!'
Me, playing my trump: 'The doctor said I could!', conveniently not mentioning that the doctor just recognized the futility of forbidding me to do so.
Mom: 'Well, I think it's a very bad idea. I mean, I don't think you should stop training. Just skip it for another few months or so...', implying that maybe then I would forget about all that martial arts nonsense.
Me: 'It's ok, the leg is fine.'
Mom: 'Well, I still think it is a horrible idea.'

Time to distract her with some other subject, successfully so :)

Being on the mat felt soooooooooooo good! My leg was a bit sore but not too bad. And frankly, I don't care, I desperately needed the grounding which I can find in aikido. The weird thing was that the leg was mostly fine during the training, but I stepped out of the dojo and suddenly it started hurting pretty badly. I guess I was so focused on other things that the leg wasn't a big deal. Walking out, it suddenly became a lot more noticeable. Interesting. Decided to skip my planned grocery shopping after class, and did go problems instead ^^

I have decided, if the leg still wants me to take it easy, I'll take it easy at home. Just so I can train harder in class.

Today, the carpenters came and stripped the whole front of the garage. There were some construction problems and water had been rotting a lot of the wood. They got it all fixed up and will put siding up tomorrow. The garage will look awesome when that is done! It has been looking pretty bad for quite a while now.

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