Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When I am a grownup...

Kate this morning: 'When I am a grownup, I am going to have seven kids. I hope I will get three boys, and four girls. I will name them Cees, Tim, Tara, Jane, Kate, Erik, and Sylvia. No! I am going to have nine kids, and hope it will be four boys and five girls. Then I will name the last two after you and daddy.'
Me: 'Wouldn't it be confusing to have two Kates in the house?'
Kate: 'I'll just call her Katie.'
OK :)

Spent the morning at the dentist with Kate, finally the last one of our two hundred dentist visits for this year. Sylvia insisted on going with us. 'You are going to the dentist? Can I come????' This was yesterday, I told her she could come if she woke up in time. I would leave her home if she was still asleep.

This morning she woke up, all happily. 'Now I can come to the dentist with Kate!'

Now time to do some go studying, and maybe should find myself some breakfast ^^


Anonymous said...

When I grow up I want to have 7 kids too!

What? I'm already a grown up? And I only had 3? Dang.

Stupid me.


O_Scientist said...

Just keep trying, merritt. Maybe you can have another christmas baby ^^