Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Note of the Day

We live in a small neighborhood with a church nearby. Last week, we got a letter from the church, telling us that they wanted to do something neighborly, and were going to bring hot chocolate to the houses in the neighborhood. Very nice of them, and very exciting for my kids. The letter mentioned 'We will have enough for your children, if you have any'. Some of my kids, being the worriers they are, started wondering what would happen if they found out that we had seven kids. Would they still have enough? I told them it was fine, the neighborhood kids population just averages out, some have no kids, some have seven.

Before they showed up, still found this note on my front door:

Some close ups:

Jane wanted to make sure that there would be enough hot chocholate for everyone ^^. That night, they showed up, and everything worked out just fine. I wasn't home (aikido) but hubby and the kids all got a nice cup of chocolate milk AND marshmallows.

Lovely initiative from the church.

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