Monday, December 04, 2006

Would You Like Fries With That?

Yes, it's official, Cees is a McDonalds employee.

The first weekend, he had to sit and do a computer led instruction video, which according to him was 'very slow and very boring'. He complained that there was no way to make it go faster. Guess he isn't very good at hacking computers yet.

Two weeks ago, were his first real working days. He started off well, by throwing up when he was at home, but still going to work. After an hour, he called us that he had gotten sick and needed to be picked up. When at home, he shared the information that he had thrown up already earlier that day (he hadn't quite told us about it before that, I guess he did not want to have to cancel his first real working day)

That Sunday went better, he worked for three hours. His description when he came home 'It was fun for the first half hour, but after that, it was really boring!' Welcome to the world of McDonalds ^^

Last weekend he worked for three hours on Saturday, doing the register and got really tired of the standing around. On Sunday, he worked for 4.5 hours. Those hours do not entitle him to a break, you can't take a break unless you work for at least five hours...

When he came home, he was happy to sit down and read the newspaper. Only things missing here, are the bunny slippers and the pipe.

Reading the employee manual has been enlightening. He is not allowed to grow a beard, or climb on the roof. He can't prepare fries, but is allowed to bag them. He can not come into work when he is wrinkled and sloppy, he needs to have good personal hygiene every day. (Especially that last one was hilarious to me, since he is the kid we have to threaten with cruel and unusual punishment to get him to take a shower)

He is allowed to get discounted (50 % off) food during his break, or within half an hour before or after his shift. He will have to eat it in plain sight in the restaurant though, god forbid he would share some discounted fries with a friend!

He has been asking me what I made when I was still working and calculated that I made 25 times as much per hour as he is making now. Such is the power of a college education, kid ^^

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aka_Meritt said...

I'm proud of you kiddo! Everyone has to start somewhere. :)