Thursday, December 31, 2009

Frosty The Snowman

Frosty is bigger than Jane!


They rolled snowball through the whole yard to get excellent results. The biggest problem is that they are hard to roll once they get bigger. And they even made them a tiny bit smaller again to make them rollable.


Great snow activity. Which they will repeat a lot this week.


Today, it is snowing.
Tomorrow, we will have snow.
Saturday, snow has been predicted.
Sunday, it will be snowing.
Monday, there is a chance of snow.


Gottalove winter in New Hampshire.
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Annelies said...

Dat is eens wat anders dan die paar centimeter in Nederland...

Marleen said...

Hoi Karin,
Ik wens jou en je kinderen een super fantastisch 2010.
Het is weer heerlijk om even bij te lezen in je blog met de houtkachel op de "hoogste stand".
Marleen van Staveren

Rebecca said...

Your daughter is making me cold with those bare legs! BRrrr