Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RIP Socks

Our deer cat Socks passed away. Friday night he started to get sick, but it didn't seem that bad, throwing up and a somewhat complaining meow.


Saturday night he seemed to be feeling better, after throwing up a few times throughout the day, and not really wanting to do anything beyond laying around. We supposed we were over the worst when he perked up on Saturday night.


Sunday morning he passed away. We had a burial ceremony for him on Tuesday, after everyone could say goodbye to him.


We miss him. And Tiger has been missing since Halloween, so we went from three cats to just one.


Socks was only two years old, I have no idea what could have ailed him. He was uptodate on his shots.
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Mongoose said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this. It might have been something he ate. That was what the vet said about Sissi in the spring when she started throwing up blood.

Lisa said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I love pets but losing them is awful. I hope the kids deal.

NannyOgg said...

Yeah, maybe he ate something wrong, it is hard to say. I was thinking that it was winter, so there would be less poisonous plants and such around, but I guess there still can be other things making cats sick.

We miss him, the kids talk about him quite often still. And Darkness looks lonely :(


FloridaMom2Seven said...

I'm sorry about your cat. Our cat got sick and died suddenly last year and he was only 2 yrs old too. It is hard losing a pet.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news.

Jody said...

So so sad. I am sorry. IT really is tough to lose a beloved pet.

Winter would be a time of year that folks put out rat poison around their homes. It tastes good to animals, so if he were an outdoor cat, that could be it. We had a cat gobble some up many years ago, and the cure is Vitamin K shots.

Marleen said...

Karin, dat zou zomaar een vergiftiging kunnen zijn. Wat erg. Hij ziet er op de foto's uit als in de kracht van zijn leven. Het is heel verdrietig om dierenvriendjes te verliezen. Onze Loes zit nu lekker op het aanrecht te peuzelen. Hij moet niets van de kou hebben en is al dagen binnen. Gelukkig!

Rebecca said...

Sorry for your loss.