Monday, December 28, 2009

Ready for Snow

One reality of living in a snowy climate is that one always has to wear so many layers and snow clothes and it takes ages to get ready to go outside and it's even worse when you finally have everything on, you take one step outside, and you realize you have to pee.


It was even more fun with many little ones, when most of them were too little to put on all their own snow clothes and it would literally take me 20 minutes to get them all ready, only to have them come inside after 10 minutes, dropping 20 lbs of wet clothes all over the floor. We still have the 20 lbs of wet clothes, but at least all of them are old enough to dress themselves now.


Progress it is.


Anyway, sharing some 'getting ready to go outside, or just back from the frosty outdoors' pictures.


Did I mention we are having another snow storm today? I am ignoring it and drinking tea and getting stuff done around the house.
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Mongoose said...

You forgot to mention how hard it is for even two people to dress or undress at the same time in the minuscule space by the door. I really don't understand why Canadian houses have such tiny entrance halls, whereas in France where it's warm, the entrance is a room of its own.

NannyOgg said...

Ah yes, true, stupid small hallways.

Hmmmm, the French entrances sound much better, even if out of place in the kind of climate there.