Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Citizenship Funny

To my utter surprise, I found a Dutch book in our local thrift store. Pretty amazing, since our town is tiny and the number of Dutch people pretty much neglectable. I have found a Korean and a Japanese book before, but this was my first local Dutch book ever.


I couldn't resist and bought it, figuring reading Dutch books could only help my translator skills, even if I had no idea whether I would enjoy this particular book.


Today, to celebrate the snow storm, I started reading this book. It is ok so far, although two of the characters in the book struck me as pretty funny. They are Americans and were portrayed as 'chewing gum all day'. Hmmmmm, I guess that is one thing which Dutch people associate with Americans, the gum chewing.


It was an interesting perception switch, knowing that I used to be a 'normal Dutch person' and now have crossed over to the 'gum chewing Americans.' I can't wait to see whether these American guys show up again and how they will behave in the rest of the book.


And I'd better buy myself a case of chewing gum. Although I have to admit that chewing gum has been outlawed in my house, but that is a whole other story and involves Erik.
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