Saturday, December 05, 2009

Geocaching, Life, The Universe, and Everything.

I would write about celebrating Sinterklaas but I didn't download any pictures yet, so I owe you a post.
I would write about school book fairs, but I didn't even make any pictures.
I would write about many other things in my life, but it is too late at night to organize my thoughts enough to make sense.


Instead I will write about my November geocaching. One day I went out with my sister so she could do maintenance on one of her local geocaches. We first had lunch at an excellent local coffee place, raided the thrift store (as always found good stuff) and then headed off into the woods. The weather was glorious and while she did the cache maintenance, I hiked up to the pond and spent some time meditating while puppy played in the water. The meditating was witnessed by a stunning gibbous moon over the water and life was good.


My other November geocaching was a cache find in that same area. I decided that trails are for losers, so I bushwhacked way more than I really wanted, and I must have hiked at least thrice the distance with lots of elevation changes (most of them UPhill of course) than if I had found the darned trail.


But I did find the cache and there was very clear evidence of deer right next to the cache and if that isn't a good sign, what is?

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