Friday, December 25, 2009

Pizza Pictures

Making individual pizzas is always popular in our house.


Most of the kids prefer just tomato sauce and cheese, but Dawn (and sometimes Sylvia) actually eat VEGETABLES!


Talking about pizza, I have to admit that I never ate pizza as a kid. In the Netherlands weird things like pizza were not particularly popular at first. Once they gained in popularity, it was not something my parents wanted ANYTHING to do with. Weird food! Unthinkable food! You SHUDDER when you even hear about it! Even spaghetti was frowned upon and never entered our house.


I didn't start eating pizza until I was a college student and discovered that not every meal in every household did consist of meat, boiled potatoes and boiled vegetables.


And now my kids don't think twice about making their own pizzas. Quite a jump from their grandmother who till this day STILL refuses to touch pizza. ('I don't like pizza!' 'Hmmm, did you ever try it?' 'NO!!! I just KNOW I don't like it.' 'Ok.....')
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