Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Shopping for Ramen Noodles

Most organized people have done all their Christmas grocery shopping by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, but we joined the 87.3% of our town's citizens who were not so organized. As usual on days like that, the supermarkets were full, but I did get almost all of my shopping done. Apart from the ramen noodles that is.


What kind of weirdos need ramen noodles for Christmas anyway you would ask. I mean, normal people eat turkey or goose or duck or tofurkey or lasagna. And cranberry sauce. Ramen noodles are not a traditional part of the Christmas menus.


But! My girls love to eat ramen noodles. A few years ago our local supermarket stopped carrying vegetarian ramen noodles though, leaving only ramen noodles with dead animals in it. Which of course they can't eat, being vegetarians and all that, even if they don't eat vegetables necessarily. For a few years, we did not buy any ramen noodles, which regularly got lamented over by Jane.


Just imagine how happy she was when a few days before Christmas, she found vegetarian ramen noodles in a bit farther away supermarket and got three packages to try them out. Happiness was found while eating them and they definitely did get the girls' seal of approval. Only we ran out pretty fast (only three packages after all) Jane declared that her Christmas would not be complete without more ramen noodles. Um... yeah, whatever.


We shopped in the closeby supermarket which did not have these vegetarian noodles. But thanks to it being Christmas Eve and me feeling that ramen noodles seem pretty darned cheap for everlasting happiness, we next drove to the somewhat farther away supermarket. Where we really didn't need anything but ramen noodles. I threw in some chocolate chips since they were on sale, resulting in a checkout of 14 packages of ramen noodles and 5 packages of chocolate chips. The cashier eyed us warily when we checked out our groceries. What kind of family would buy ramen noodles on Christmas Eve? 'Oh, she has all these kids and she isn't wearing a wedding ring, I bet they are all different fathers too! The poor dears should have a turkey instead of chocolate chips. Or ramen noodles for that matter.' Yes, I am good at reading people's inner thoughts, I am.
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Lisa said...

ROFL. We would so do that. Dh worked and my kids ate nachos, pizza rolls and hummus on pita for Christmas. Everyone should have one day for what they like afterall.