Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanksgiving Bear

Last year, I wanted to make cinnamon raisin bread for Thanksgiving but knew a turkey would be beyond my artistic skill. No problem, instead of a tur-key, I just made a Thanksgiving tur-tle, which is close enough to turkey, right? Yes, I realize they have a different number of legs, but apart from that.


Sylvia and I were talking about preparing for Thanksgiving, and I told her about my turtle plans. She explained to me that a turtle was so wrong, and instead we should have a Thanksgivings BEAR! Um... I was not sure how much closer a bear would be to a turkey, but over the years I have learned to choose my battles wisely.


A bear it was. Erik, Kate, and Sylvia all helped me shape it and we ended up with a superb Thanksgivings Bear. At night we made a surprise visit to my sister and gifted her with a quarter of the bear's belly. How fun.


This is how family traditions are born.
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harri saptadi said...

in jakarta we have CROCO shape of that raisin-cinnamon bread. biiig 1.

NannyOgg said...

Hhmmm, not sure whether my bread sculpting skills are up to croco yet. I might just try one day ^^