Sunday, January 03, 2010

Perfect Cookies

A few months ago, Kate had a multicultural fair at school, for which each family contributed food and recipes. They assembled the recipes into a cookbook, which she brought home from school just before the winter holiday started. For Christmas, we were going to make some traditional Christmas cookies from this cookbook. Only the cookbook was GONE!


We looked under the couch, under the table, behind the book cases, in Kate's backpack, under the cat food, behind the bed, in Jane's pile of books next to her bed, in Mount Clean Laundry, heck we even looked in the book case. You know, where the other cookbooks are. Since we didn't find it, we looked at all these places over and over, just in case we missed it the first four times around.


I whined to a friend about it and he patted me on the back saying 'Oh dear, oh dear, that is just so horrible. I am so sorry to hear that.' I snuffled and snortled and cried on his shoulder when he said 'Today is your lucky day though. I just happen to have a foolproof recipe for sugar cookies which even you can't mess up and I am willing to share it with you.' Life was good again!


He sent me the recipe. We baked the cookies, decorating them with very Christmassy pink and blue colored sugar (for some weird reason the supermarket seemed to be out of red and green colored sugar!) I twitched it a bit to make it fit the number of egg yolks living in my fridge.


Notice how the letters on the cookies spell 'PERFECT' just to make sure everyone knows that we had Perfect Christmas Cookies. As opposed to all these families with only good enough christmas cookies. Not that we are competitive at all, mind you ^^

And the cookbook? Three days later it was found in our newspaper drawer... Maybe I'll make the traditional Christmas cookies to celebrate our next snow storm.
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