Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Cat Cracks Me Up

Now that Darkness is our only cat left, he has gotten more social. He still isn't a lap cat, but he likes to be close by where we are and just hang out. As long as we leave him alone that is.


At night he likes to sleep in my room, but refuses to go there till I go upstairs. He communicates that to me by sitting down in the chair next to me, and STARING at me, or falling asleep for a while and then go back to staring 'Isn't it time to to bed yet? Did you look at that clock? Come on, I am tired!'

In my room he always drinks some water in my bath room and then settles on my bed once every one is quiet. You know, in such a way that you can't even stretch your legs and wake up with a very heavy feeling, and an 'OMG I can't move my legs!!!!!!!' till you realize it is that darned cat again.
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