Friday, July 31, 2009

The Joys of Hair Cuts

Dawn has given Sylvia and Erik haircuts. Sylvia's was just her bangs, so not very noticeable, but Erik basically got a buzz cut.


He was very happy with the result, and asked everyone 'Do you see anything changed about me?' Everyone looked at him for half a second and said 'Oh, you got a hair cut!'


This slightly disappointed him and he grumbled to himself 'How come that they all immediately know I got a hair cut!??? I wanted it to be a surprise!'


Sylvia dryly commented 'Maybe because you got balder?'

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phredude said...

Ah, the haircut, such an integral part of the childhood experience. I remember being traumatized when my mom cut mine because she usually shaved my head, and then told me to deal with it when I cried. Nice pics, BTW. Which lake is that?