Friday, July 17, 2009

Hobbit Hole

First one in my series of 'Houses which fascinate me and I briefly considered, but then common sense took over and I didn't'

This is what they call an earth sheltered house, but I would call it a hobbit hole.

It does not have any heat source beyond passive solar, which might or might not be a good idea in Vermont.

It has many advantages, like low heating costs (I hope ^^) and it just is a very cool concept. How can one not love a house like this?

What did worry me was where it says 'Needs extensive work' I mean. I do have seven willing workers, cough, but somehow it still didn't feel like the best decision to move into this house and pretend to be hobbits.

A few days ago we actually tried to FIND this hobbit house, just to see what it looked like from the outside. We drove and we drove and we drove. Roads got smaller. Woods sprang up around us. Thunder storms were raging. We got farther and farther away from Vermont's major civilization.

After driving for an inordinate amount of time, we finally arrived on the right dirt road. We tried to find the correct house number, but the house numbers were not in any logical or helpful order. We went back and forth on this road for a while, but it was very clear that this house was a bit too private and far away for us.

Click here to see the house. Read 25 reasons to get an earth sheltered home. Here are some myths and facts.

Still, this house is not for us. Too bad ^^ It would have been fun to be a hobbit.

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