Saturday, July 18, 2009

Name Change

Last week, I went to probate court, and legally changed my last name and added a middle name, to signify a new start in my life. We celebrated by having a late breakfast mostly to tide over until the ice cream shack FINALLY opened. I chose pina colada ice cream, my sis had black raspberry and it was quite good.


We meandered through the country side and stopped at a beautiful pond. We picked mushrooms, and life was excellent.


I spent most of the week going many places to change my name, like the DMV and city hall and my local bank. Turns out the DMV needs my naturalization papers too, so I can go back there next week.


Since I changed my name, I figured I could as well change my hair too. It turned out a bit more flamboyant than I expected, but it should wash out eventually. I half love it, half am happy it will wash out ^^

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Meepy said...


Mongoose said...

Now you're just copying me... LOL I like it. :)

NannyOgg said...

Hehe, mongoose, i was thinking of you for sure when i saw the result ^^

I think it will get less red with shampooing, but who knows. At least I will be noticeable tomorrow in my go tournament ^^