Friday, July 17, 2009

Licorice Ice Cream

Every time I go pick up the girls from dance class, I drive past this ice cream place advertising '24 flavours of soft serve ice cream!' Every time I drive past, I wonder how one can even design 24 different soft serve flavours. So it was unavoidable that we found ourselves stopping there on the way back from dance class, especially since it was someone's birthday.


We stopped and studied the chart. I now realize I forgot to count the number of flavors, but there were quite a lot. Maybe I should go back another day to count how much variety they have. Just to make sure of truth in advertizing.


One girl chose espresso soft serve.
The next girl chose pina colada.
Third girl went for chocolate coconut.
And me? I couldn't resist the licorice ice cream.


It was surprisingly good and we all enjoyed our ice cream and life is even better once one knows where one can get licorice ice cream.

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Mongoose said...

Finally, our uncanny resemblance ends. I hate licorice. Espresso though, I wish I could have that. I haven't had coffee ice cream since I left France.