Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Joys of Getting Things Done

Today, the day started early with preparing chocolate chip pancakes for my friend and my crew, who then left on their way to Six Flags. She is taking them to have fun, while I am getting things done. How cool is that?


In April, I filed for extension on my taxes. Never hard to get, but it does mean that eventually one has to actually DO them. That time has arrived. Today, I am doing tons of things, including getting a start on the taxes. Which sounds easy, but my administration have been somewhat in disarray because of the divorce and other stress. It has not been at the top of my priority list. Which gave me an excellent excuse for not doing the taxes ('I can't FIND anything!') but not sure whether the IRS will accept that one.


Because my life is never simple, this issue was further complicated by the fact that there had sprung a Mount Laundry in front of my filing cabinet, and I couldn't actually open it anymore and life was bleak and I was feeling sorry for myself and I was wondering how I would ever get out of this mess. Enter my friend who volunteered to come over and fold laundry for me, which she did last Thursday. Now not only my filing cabinet is reachable and can be opened, but I have clean underwear again!

Another friend had been doing some organizing on my 'metal desk on which I stack the mail in the hope that it takes care of itself' and between the laundry and the desk, I was all ready to get things done.


Today so far I have
  • Run two loads of laundry (including folding and putting away one);
  • Told the puppy 'No, you cannot get the Nutella from the table.';
  • One dishwasher load of dishes put away;
  • Told the puppy 'No you cannot play with the cat.';
  • Made stacks of papers on chairs without any children knocking them over;
  • Told the pup 'No, those papers are not yours!';
  • Started my taxes by making a list of all the papers I need so I can collect all of them and cross off;
  • Told the pup 'No, you cannot have cupcakes;
  • Started going through my filing cabinet to find tax related papers and do any quick file maintenance tasks to help it start working again;
  • Almost finished the first drawer (out of four) of said filing cabinet;
  • Told the puppy 'No, that is not your boot. Not your hat either. And those are MY oven mitts';
  • Ate a whole mango, ALL BY MYSELF! I did not share. With anyone!
  • Told puppy 'Yes, I love you too, but now get your butt away from the fridge door so I can actually open it.'
  • Appreciated how many friends and how much support I have to help me when I drop any of the balls I am juggling;
  • Told the pup 'OK, we'll go out for a walk soon.'


I am getting things done while my kids are having a blast at Six Flags. I am grateful that I have this whole day of solitude and productivity. My friends are awesome!
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Mongoose said...

LOL I try not to let things get that way anymore - where I have 20 hours of clean-up work to do just to get to the point where I can start the task I was after.

Awesome photos, too. :)