Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Born Under A Maple Tree

Five years ago, Sylvia was born under a maple tree in our front yard.


Now she is running around under the maple tree and letting me take her birthday pictures. What a wonderful five years it has been! Before she was born, I had many miscarriages and things were not easy. She was my sticky baby and so very welcome.


Watching her grow up with six older siblings has been fascinating. I think being the youngest of seven teaches one both lots of good qualities ('If they can do that, so can I!') but also some bad qualities ('I am just the baby, so I can get away with anything'). Overall, she is a well rounded and pleasant person though, and I feel blessed to be her mother.


She tells everyone 'I used to be four, but now I am five!' just in case they didn't realize she has had a birthday. She also will tell people 'I am Sylvia and my totem is a deer.' when they ask her for her name. Somehow people don't always know how to answer that one ^^ She is very aware and pleased that her name means 'From the woods'.


Happy birthday, little girl!
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veganbaby said...

Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Five! Already?! Happy Birthday!