Sunday, August 02, 2009

Girls Only Ice Cream Social

Friday night, I realized I was home with the girls only. Since I will take any excuse for a party, I felt this was as good as any and I proposed to eat ice cream and hang out together, talking girly talk.


One problem: we didn't have any good ice cream in the house. Just one or two scoops left of not so good ice cream. What to do, what to do? Enter our 24-hours supermarket. Only a five minutes drive away. So at 9:30pm I loaded my four girls and myself into the car and we went 'ice cream emergency shopping.' An important life skill to teach to my girls.


We all chose one special flavor and we got a bunch of syrups and soon arrived home with all the ingredients for a great ice cream social.


It was so pleasant to sit around with my girls and enjoy ice cream and chat, chat, chat. These are the kinds of times which memories are made of. I hope there are many ice cream and other socials in our future.


Life is good!
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