Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jane!

Twelve years old, wow. Yet again I am wondering, how did that happen????


I am sure it was only last week when I carried a baby and a toddler in the sling. Dawn and Jane are only 13 months apart, so the first year was ... interesting at times ^^


Wasn't it only yesterday when I wrote this update on her?

Jane, 1y4mo: emulates lots of behavior from her big sister Tara, both positive and negative. She is too independent for her own good, running off whenever she gets the chance. I have to keep her in sight every minute when we are out. She is using lots and lots of words and if she can't make it clear with words, she will use signs and gestures. She is another climber, she reminds me a lot of Timmy at this age. Including the non-sleeping characteristics.... She is in the process of giving up her nap, since if we let her nap, she won't sleep till 2am or so.... She loves singing, especially songs with gestures. She loves to play with dolls and bears or to carry them around in the sling. It is impossible to keep her confined to a shopping cart or a stroller, she will climb out of everything, even when buckled in (only then it takes her 10 seconds, instead of 1) Good temper tantrum thrower, she is clearly close to being 2yo! :-)


She sure has grown up since then. She is turning into a lovely lady, lovely enough to have four boys fall in love with her during the theater workshop play. She played 'a Dutch lady' and did a great job, telling the public 'Ik weet niet wat ik moet zeggen, maar hij (wijzend naar een van haar aanbidders) heeft een kleine ...' Which luckily wasn't understood by the public, or by any of her lover boys in the play.


This summer she has done two weeks of camp at our local science museum, four weeks of theater workshop and now is busy with daily swimming lessons. She sure is an active girl!
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jane!

Wendy said...

My goodness, she is so pretty! Happy Birthday Jane!!

Now, translate what she said :)

Epijunky said...

It's been so wonderful watching your little ones as they grow! Jane is absolutely beautiful :)

Happy Birthday!

Mongoose said...

Happy birthday Jane!

And I love that first photo. It's nice when gifts really hit the mark. :)

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, I've "known" you since the DA list all those years ago, Karen--how did I not realize we had daughters just one day apart in age?? My daughter turned 12 one day before Jane and she, too, got a SIMS game and was *thrilled* with it (said it was her favourite gift).

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday